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President & CEO
President & CEO E Smith Horizons
30 Years Experience, Business Creation, Operations, Product Management, Securities and Real Estate
Former Commercial Banker and Securities Representative
E Smith Legacy Holdings is a Dallas-based premier real estate solutions company that combines domain knowledge and industry experience to create, finance and execute the real estate solutions our clients demand.

E Smith Communities is an operating company of E Smith Legacy Holdings, with a unique focus on social infrastructure development. Our company pursues projects that deliver positive social impact on developing and established communities.

The E Smith Legacy Holdings leadership team is comprised of a diverse team of professionals who lead five distinct operating companies specializing in commercial brokerage, commercial development and acquisition, real estate services, commercial and civil construction and consulting, and construction supplies.

Operating Companies
E Smith Advisors (Real Estate Services and Brokerage)
E Smith Communities (Social Infrastructure Development)
E Smith Horizons (Civil Infrastructure Investments)
E Smith Properties (Large Mixed-Use Development)
EJ Smith Construction and Supplies
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